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At UPR Info, our team has a single-minded mission: to promote human rights through the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). By providing you with the skills and knowledge to effectively use the Universal Periodic Review as an effective tool to promote and protect human rights in your community, society, and worldwide.

Our courses are designed for all stakeholders involved in the UPR process: States, civil society organizations (CSOs), national human rights institutions (NHRIs), parliamentarians, judiciary, UN Agencies, media, and academia. 

Get ready to empower yourself! 

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What we aim for:

A continued commitment to empower all the stakeholders

Initially, the e-Hub was conceived as a response to the Covid-19 restrictions, but it currently offers an opportunity to envision new models of human rights training that can easily adapt to the evolving needs of stakeholders.

What we do

UPR Info is an international non-governmental organization based in Geneva, Switzerland.

UPR Info has built over the years a unique expertise in the field of the UPR mechanism. It is the only organization focusing on the promotion and respect of human rights through this human rights mechanism.

Our training programs foster a conducive environment for civil society, national human rights institutions, and States to advance to the realization of human rights and progress on inclusive development that leaves no one behind through the UPR. 

In addition, through our training programs, we strive to bring a differentiated response to issues affecting women and girls, and vulnerable and marginalized groups.

What you will learn

The UPR Info e-Hub will provide you with interesting hybrid and varied content. We have carefully designed our five courses using a combination of online modalities to engage you more deeply with the steps of the UPR process. 

We are here to offer you the best online learning experience!

Our collection of activities includes:

Live, online sessions (hosted by our  team of experienced course facilitators)

Rich self-paced, text or video-based lessons

Lively online discussions

Animated interactions and activities

You will learn so much with us!

How will you benefit from UPR Info's e-Hub?

Start building skills today.

By attending our e-learning modules you acquire increased confidence to engage in the UPR process and most importantly you will have access to practical, real-world skills to actively engage in the UPR. The UPR Info's e-Hub integrates best practices and the latest developments around the mechanism. You will thoroughly strengthen your capacity to use the UPR as a powerful tool to improve human rights.
UPR team at work with a group


Read all about what CSOs, NHRIs, Governments and Parliamentarians, UN Agencies, Media and Journalists who have trained with us, have to say.

Phillipe Courard

President of the Parliament of the Walonia-Brussels Federation

"(...) UPR Info has extensive experience in developing the capacities of the various partners in advocating for the respect of human rights. The organization's promotion of the Universal Periodic Review as well as their work of strengthening the mechanism as an effective tool to improve the respect for human rights on the ground make it one of the main actors in international democratic monitoring."

Artak Shakaryan

Child Protection Officer, UNICEF Armenia

The workshop brought together all the civil society factors, fostering a one-voice approach and mutually strengthening the power of human rights advocacy.

Michelle Belfor

Youth and Advocacy

Just completed the third session 'designing an action plan' of the program called The UPR: Bringing changes through advocacy and accountability. Very informative and interesting information that I am ready to share with national youth advocates of SRHR.

Rayah Bhattacharji

Stichting Projekta, Suriname. Participant Pre Sessions 39

We also attended a few pre-sessions from other countries and were blown away by how much practical on-the-ground information we gained about the human rights situation in other countries. We learned a lot from that.

Tsitsi Matekaire

Equality Now, Malawi . Participant Pre Session 36

It was a great experience to have been part of. It has helped me understand the advocacy process better and will be prepared for future engagements. The UPR pre-session team was good at communicating around the process and keeping us informed. They did a great job and welcomed the specific feedback on our statement as well.

Jambal Tserendavaa

SOS Children’s Villages Mongolia. Participant Pre sessions 36

Thank you for your work to create a wonderful life for people around the world and thank you for supporting the civil society organizations to do their work with good outcomes.

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