What you will learn

Master the UPR process and amplify your voice.

  • The different roles of each UPR stakeholder

    You will learn about all the UPR stakeholders, besides the most common State or CSO/NHRI. There are other stakeholders that can also play a key role in the process!

  • How stakeholder engages with the UPR mechanism in each of the 3 key stages

    The UPR is a cycle that goes through three different phases and how each stakeholder interacts within them can contribute to improving the human rights situation. Knowing how to best exploit these interactions is therefore essential in your work.

  • How stakeholders interact with each other through the UPR cycle

    The multi-stakeholder approach explained to the fullest extent of interactions between all stakeholders can also inspire your actions around the process.

How we deliver training

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Social proof: testimonials

Nécessaire à notre rôle

Député Diabagaté Mamah Représentant du Président de Assemblée Nationale de Côte d'Ivoire

Cet atelier constitue une étape nécessaire pour évaluer la mise en oeuvre des recommandations de l’EPU en identifiant les progrès et les obstacles. Cet atelier se veut un forum d’information et d’échanges pour situer les députés sur leur rôle.

Very useful!

Diana Murillo S. Consejera Mision Permanente de Costa Rica ante la ONU-Ginebra

Everyone in the Mission was grateful for the presentation provided by UPR Info on our role and on how to best strategize and prepare for our Review. It was very useful for all of us and we would like to continue working together for the implementation phase.

Brilliant presentations

Albert Sharra. Journalist in Malawi.

Thank you so much for the brilliant presentations …There is excitement in all the WhatsApp groups for the respective countries. They have learned something new and we expect to see an improvement in UPR coverage in these countries. Thank you for creating space for us.

Real-world experience

Representative of the University of Padua

The real-world experience you share with our participants makes all the difference in their preparation process, and the opportunity to have dialogues with those involved directly with the UN UPR is a wonderful learning experience for all of us.